LOXLEY Unprimed Canvas Roll 1m x 10m - 5oz

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LOXLEY Unprimed Canvas Roll 1m x 10m - 5oz
  • Consists of the same standards of high quality cotton duck canvas used for the Artists' Canvas on stretchers.
  • Inexpensive so perfect for artists experimenting or new to stretching canvas.
  • Unprimed canvas must be stretched more loosely by hand because the canvas can change dramatically once primed.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Canvas cloth can be cut to the artists individual requirements
  • Suitable for use with oil and acrylic paint.
Customer reviews
Great company,will use again. no problems at all.
This was confusing because 11 oz is not 380 gsm.

(I have ticked the box below - terms and conditions - but of course I haven't really read these. Has anyone? This is a website selling canvas, not an international treaty! You'll be asking me for a password next!).