Winsor & Newton Canvas

A choice of quality, strong and well prepared canvases that are primed and ready to be painted onto. Each range comes in many different sizes. 

  • Winsor Deep Edge Canvas - 12oz/350gsm primed Winsor Deep Edge has a deep 38mm wooden frame and can be hung unframed. Available in square     and rectangular shapes and perfect for use with oil and acrylic paints.
  • Artists' Canvas - 100% cotton canvas 13oz/375gsm weight. Coated with acid-free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer. Available in both standard           and 38mm deep frames.
  • Winsor Traditional Canvas - Classic canvas with a medium texture, hand stretched and primed with highliy pigmented gesso. Ideal for use with oil and aryclic. 
  • 100% Linen Canvas - Traditionally linen canvas is the preferred surface for professional artists. It has an excellent colour adhesion and absorbency. Available         in both standard and deep edge thicknesses.
  • Fine Detail Canvas - An extra smooth canvas that's ideal for fine detail and ultra-realistic paintings. 100% cotton canvas with a primed weight of 10oz/28gsm.           Perfect for use with all oil and acrylic paints.