Daler-Rowney Simply Canvas Panel 14inch x 10inch Pack of 3

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These 14" x 10" Daler-Rowney Canvas Panels are fantastic value for money that allow you to experiment with oil and acrylic mediums without the hassle or fear of ruining an expensive canvas, making them especially practical for students and beginners. Each canvas panel has been triple primed with a quality primer so that the surface is ready to be used immediately without having to prime it yourself. Theses panels come in packs of 3 which are made completely from quality sourced cotton, the surfaces have a medium grain texture and are 250gsm.

Simply Canvas Panels come in a comprehensive range of different sizes that are suitable for mixed media, collage, impasto and more which is sure to inspire your creativity and give you the freedom to try new techniques and styles. Thanks to their light weight and durability they are very portable making these canvases ideal for outdoor painting excursions especially plein air painting.

- Brand: Daler-Rowney
- Material: Cotton
- Size: 14" x 10" / 36cm x 25cm
- Depth: 3 mm
- Canvas mounted on board
- Lightweight and portable
- Very affordable
- Perfect for any stage of artist especially students
- 250gsm
- Medium grain texture

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