Loxley Canvas Board Primed 20inch x 16inch Box of 2

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This pack of two 20" x 16" Canvas Boards from Loxley feature two high quality canvases that are laminated directly onto a pulp board which is perfect for stability when painting, especially when you need precise lines and strokes.

The rectangular boards are triple primed, are made from cotton and measure 350gsm making them very dense and ideal for most mediums. Each canvas board is ready to use for all types of paints including oil and acrylic and the boards will work well with mixed media.

As they are durable and lightweight they make perfect surfaces to paint in the outdoors to do some en plein air painting, and as the sizes differ you can transport most of them very easily in some cases even in your pocket. With the larger variations of these canvas boards from Loxley they have upgraded the inner board to guarantee rigidity and stability.

- Brand: Loxley
- Size: 20" x 16" (50.8cm x 30.6cm)
- Pack of 2
- 350gsm
- Triple Primed Cotton Canvas
- 3mm Depth
- Ideal for most types of paints and mixed media

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