Daler-Rowney Cotton Canvas Canvas Roll Heavy Grain 13.5 oz (460gsm) 1m x 5m

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This roll of primed cotton canvas from Daler-Rowney is great quality and lends your work a beautiful surface to create masterpieces with which no matter what age or skill level is ideal for artists whether student or professional. Thanks to it's larger size of 1 metre by 5 metres this roll will give you a huge surface area of unstretched cotton canvas to practice painting techniques or adorn walls with abstract paintings and drawings, and all for a very reasonable price.

This cotton canvas roll has a heavy grain giving the surface a coarse and rough surface which is perfect for a broad brush impressionist style. Each canvas roll is 460gsm and they come triple primed with quality primers so it's ready to be used immediately with oil paints and acrylics. The canvas roll comes unstretched and as it comes pre-primed should you want to stretch it over some stretcher bars then you can do so to the traditional level of tension your canvas size calls for. However if you decide to add more primers or gesso to the surface make sure to stretch it looser than normal as once these are applied it can tighten the material substantially.

- Brand: Daler-Rowney
- Material: Cotton
- Size: 1m x 5m / 500cm x 100cm
- Weight: 13.5oz
- 460gsm
- Triple-primed
- Heavy grain
- Ideal for oil paints and acrylics

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