Seawhite Cotton Canvas Standard Edge A3 Box of 5

Seawhite CanvasSKU: 7516000694



These are a pack of 5 quality A3 sized Stretched Canvases by Seawhite and are loved by artists the world over for their premium quality and professional finish. Everyone of these Seawhite canvases have been quadruple primed with quality primers to give the perfect tooth and adhesion properties to the surface, making it ideal for mediums like oil and acrylic paints including techniques like wet-on-wet and impasto.

With their larger A3 sizes these canvases are a great choice for artists who enjoy painting large scaled pieces and sweeping landscapes or portraits. All of the 5 canvases included are a heavyweight 380gsm grain made from 100% cotton that is acid-free and has archival qualities, which helps to ensure your work can maintain without discolouring overtime and cotton fibre degrading slowly thus damaging your artwork.

Each canvas is pre-stretched over a high quality wooden frame giving you great stability and durability whilst working on it's surface plus it will keep the cloth completely taught and protect against warping. The edges have a depth of 18mm with no side staples and neatly folded edges and corners giving you the ability to paint each side.

- Brand: Seawhite
- Size: A3 / 16.5" x 11.6" / 42cm x 29.7cm
- Acid-free
- Pack of 5
- Stretched canvas perfect for oil and acrylic
- 380gsm
- Quadruple primed
- 100% cotton
- Acid-free

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