Loxley Ashgate Cotton Canvas Traditional A2 Box of 5

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The 'Standard' Ashgate Canvas from Loxley features a thin wooden frame with a 17mm depth to it and are stapled on the back for a neat and clean edge. All Loxley Ashgate Canvas come already sized and double-primed with a universal white gesso making them perfect to be used immediately without having to prime them yourself.

The heavy stretcher bars in the frame are sturdy enough to stop your canvas from sagging or warping allowing it to be completely taught. The canvas material is made from 10oz 100% cotton duck that is completely acid free helping to prevent yellowing and discolouration that can occur in your work over time.

The canvases measure A2 size and feature a medium grain texture with a 350gsm that is standard for all high quality cotton canvases. This is one size of an available 4 sizes ranging from A4 all the way to A1 size giving you plenty to choose between and find the perfect canvas for the job.

- Brand: Loxley
- Double Primed
- Sub Brand: Ashgate
- Canvas Size: A2 / 23.3inch x 16.5inch / 59.4cm x 42cm
- Pre-stretched
- Medium grain 350gsm
- 100% acid free
- Depth: 17mm
- Fabric weight: 10oz
- Colour: White
- Cotton canvas
- Box of 5

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