Loxley Cotton and Linen Mixed Canvas Roll Primed 10 oz (350 gsm) 1m x 10m

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This roll of primed mixed blend canvas from Loxley is a beautiful surface to paint on lending a unique and handmade aesthetic to all your work. The blend is a mixture of linen and cotton that features a heavier weight to it much like a traditional cotton canvas yet with a smooth and fine surface grain that you get with linen.

The canvas blend roll comes primed already with a triple coating of acrylic based gesso making it universally suitable for acrylic paints and oil mediums as well. Though it has been pre-primed you are always welcome to prime it yourself should you feel more comfortable with your own primers and how it will react with your own paints.

The roll measures 1 metre by 10 metres giving you plenty of surface area for a large painting of lots of smaller works. The canvas is 350gsm making it very dense and the exact blend ratio is 55% Linen and 45% Cotton.

- Brand: Loxley
- Size: 1m x 10m / 393inch x 39.3inch / 1000cm x 100cm
- Weight: 10 oz
- 350gsm
- Triple primed with acrylic gesso
- Cotton linen blend ( 55% Linen, 45% Cotton)
- Perfect for acrylic and oil paintings

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