Loxley Cotton Canvas Roll Unprimed 5 oz (175 gsm) 1m x 10m

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This roll of Loxley unprimed cotton canvas is a quality material that has a lot of potential to give your artwork a bespoke and handmade feel, and with the large amount you have plenty to experiment with at a very reasonable price. The cotton canvas roll is 175gsm and measures approximately 1 metre by 10 metres coming unprimed which is particularly useful should you want more control over how it's primed, this is crucial depending on the mediums and techniques you plan to use.

Should you be stretching the cotton canvas roll over some stretcher bars we suggest to stretch it looser than is traditionally done as any gesso or primers you add can tighten the material quite considerably. Thanks to the generous amount of roll there will be plenty of area for painting fantastic huge artworks or lots of smaller works.

The surface has a fine grain and the quality cotton will work great with mediums such as acrylic or oil though you are welcome to test out many others when trying to create unique styles or for experimentation.

- Brand: Loxley
- Material: Cotton
- Size: 1m x 10m / 393" x 32.3" / 1000cm x 100cm
- Weight: 5 oz
- 175gsm
- Unprimed

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