Canvas Store Cotton Canvas Deep Edge 10inch x 8inch Box of 5

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These are our Canvas Store own brand premium quality Cotton Canvases, that have been been made to professional standards. These canvases measure 10 by 8 inches which have been triple primed with quality primer to help create the perfect painting surface. This priming formula lets you work the paint across the surface much easier and for longer, as it's less absorbent with a silky smooth texture for the brush to glide across. It also helps protect the cotton fibres from degrading over time that can happen especially with mediums like oil paint.

Each of the 5 canvases included are made from 100% high quality cotton with a weight of 280gsm, giving you a strong surface to work on that is ideal for both acrylics and oils. Each canvas has a deep edge that is hand stretched over sturdy wooden stretcher bars giving a depth of 38mm, securing the canvas neatly on the reverse side so the sides are free of fastenings and available to paint on should you want to.

- Brand: Canvas-Store
- Size: 10" x 8" / 25.4cm x 20.3cm
- Depth: 38mm
- Pack of 5
- Deep Edge
- Triple primed
- 280gsm
- Made from cotton

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