Global Art Supplies Linen Canvas Clear Gesso 20inch x 16inch Box of 4

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Due to recent changes, delivery of 'Global Art Supplies' canvases may take up to 10-12 working days longer to arrive.

These clear gesso linen canvas from Global Art Supplies measure approximately 20 inches by 16 inches and come in a box of 4. As with all the Global canvas that we stock they are entirely hand made in Italy, a country renowned for their canvases. All of the materials are 100% sourced from Italy, resulting in a superb canvas that is of an incredibly high standard giving you a wonderful painting experience and a canvas you can depend on. Each of the 4 canvas included are made with 100% pure Italian linen which has a medium grain and is 355gsm giving you a beautiful surface to paint on. Linen is a fantastic material to paint on as it will retain it's natural oils which helps to preserve the canvases flexibility whilst simultaneously preventing the surface from being too brittle.

All of these linen canvas have been double primed with clear universal primer which helps increase the smoothness of the surface, creating a canvas perfect for both oil and acrylic paintings. Alternatively you can prime it yourself should you want more control over the canvas, especially for specific techniques and outcomes whilst painting. Every one of the 4 canvas have been stretched by hand over quality wooden stretchers with a depth of 18mm, giving your surface the optimum level of tension whilst reducing the chance of warping.

- Brand: Global Art Supplies
- Shape: Rectangle
- Size: 20" x 16" / 50.8cm x 30.6cm
- Depth: 18mm
- Material: Natural linen
- Pack of 4
- 325gsm
- Double primed with clear universal primer
- Ideal for oils and acrylics
- Acid-free
- Made in Italy
- Completely hand made and hand stretched

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