Jullian Half Classic French Easel in Beechwood With Carrying Bag

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This Half Size French Easel by Jullian is made from an oiled beechwood that has been given a protective coating of linseed oil. Fantastically useful for every artist of every age or skill level, especially those looking to try some outdoor painting under natural light in real changing environments or even inside under more controlled conditions. This easel comes with brass plated fittings and embellishments, long adjustable legs, plastic moulded feet, a drawer that has a metal lined interior offering better protection for things stored inside and contains adjustable dividers so you can better organise and sort your paints, brushes and tools. Included is a beautifully varnished dark wooden palette for you to mix your paints and all of this comes with a stylish shoulder bag for you to store everything inside. To help with carrying everything Jullian have included a natural linen shoulder strap to help you when travelling making it more comfortable.

Julian are an established company that has been producing and delivering quality products and satisfying artists for close to 70 years. They pay particular attention to the quality of material when designing their products and try to source only the best. All of the wood is sanded down and polished by hand then a protective coat of linseed oil is applied. Extremely strict levels of quality control are imposed on the multiple steps it takes in the manufacturing of their products, lending a reliability that artists can count on including a lavish and unique style.

- Brand: Jullian
- Dimensions: Closed: H 56.5cm x P 15.5cm x L 30cm / Max Height: 183cm / Weight: 5.5kg
- Easily foldable
- Supplied with shoulder bag and natural linen strap
- Features varnished wooden palette and storage drawer
- Great for painting outdoors or indoors

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