Loxley Circular Canvas Traditional 18inch Box of 2

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These quality circular canvases from Loxley are reliable and effective for all stages of artist from beginner to professional, offering you a fantastic work surface along with an unusual and eye catching shape to create memorable work. Inside you will find 2 premium circular canvases that measure approximately 18 inches in diameter and are made from a superior quality 11oz 100% cotton duck which is an ideal surface for artists who like to use oil and acrylic paints. The surface has been triple primed with a high quality pigmented acrylic primer resulting in a canvas that is ready to use immediately without having to spend time priming it yourself. If however you would like more control over how your paints will react you are welcome to prime it again yourself should you want to achieve a more specific outcome to your work. The cotton is completely acid-free which helps to protect against yellowing that can occur in artwork over time and to prevent cotton fibres corroding over time especially when using oil paints. The edges along the frame have a depth of 18mm which are clean wrapped and completely free of staples or tacks so you can paint right across the circumference of the canvas.

- Brand: Loxley
- Shape: Circle
- Diameter: 18" / 45.7cm
- Pack of 2
- 380gsm
- Triple primed with quality pigmented acrylic primer
- Ideal surface for oil and acrylic paints
- Acid-free
- 11oz 100% cotton duck canvas
- Edge: 18mm
- Clean wrapped edges free of staples or tacks

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